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Movies for the Weekend 2.0 [Open]

Life is strange.

Just, like, only a few months ago she was fifteen. And homeless. Now she’s eighteen and owner of her own video store. That’s pretty amazing.

Not terrifying at all, nope. Misfit doesn’t know the meaning of fear and Charlie is responsible. She can handle one little independent business in a bad economy. Allison and John left her money! And said store! So she’ll be fine! Charlie isn't going to call them; unless it's to say how Mom and Sheen would adore them, which is the best complement she can think of. In her brain John is her brother just like Dib; so he can have her cool Mom instead of his sad F.B.I one. Or to tell them how grateful she is to be given this chance.

So now there’s a sign outside the store to let everyone know she is the new management. It is in fact the same sign the John and Allison used, but the customers don’t need to know that. Charlie is prepared! She has cleaned like she’s never cleaned before, soothed the other employees who probably don’t resent their new boss-person at all, paid for adds on geeky Gotham based sites, and set aside Allison cookies for Batman. She is ready for you Gotham.

Come on in everybody! We here at Oubliette Video pride ourselves on service.

Once the butterflies stop.

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Eddie likes his speech therapist, which isn't too much of a surprise, as the woman's a source of praise and has a knack for word play. He's in a good mood when he gets out of today's session and returns to his and Harvey's room at Gotham General.

Coming back to this room puts him in a better mood, too. It's not really a cell. Well, maybe technically, it serves the same purpose, but it's so much gosh darn nicer than Arkham. This feels like a place where he's supposed to stay while he gets better, not a place where he's being conveniently stored. Aside from his roommate missing half of his face, it's pretty much perfect!

Plus, he can't voluntarily leave, but hey...

He sits on his bed and goes through his notes, going through voice exercises at a whisper, until he decides to hum, instead.

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All day Monday, packages arrive at Arkham via various delivery services. One package for Giles, one for Alex, one for another doctor on the service and another for a nurse. Assuming these packages are actually opened, all they will find inside will either be a Newton's Cradle, or a very unassuming clock radio. Except for the fourth, of course.

Coming from a completely different delivery service than the others, the fourth package, the nurse's package contains a rather obvious bomb. The other packages, they got through just fine. They're obviously perfectly normal objects. Right?

Everyone should just keep telling themselves that. Until the Newton's Cradle stops clicking, until the radio lets out a particularly loud screech of white noise. A package being carried through a hallway starts to get a Until the explosion.

Then, maybe you should worry. There are people waiting to get in. People waiting to get out. Fun times for them, yeah?
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[open] Happy Birthday, Mr. Stark

The more of Stark Tower that was completed, the more walls and tarps and banners were utilized in covering and disguising the building. It was all a tremendous secret. A 'surprise' being kept from the city. Hiring was done elsewhere and those hired on were sworn to secrecy about anything they did learn in the process. It was all kept tight lipped and fully undercover. Dib knows more about the tower than most and that's all been by accident and Tony's 'slips' in his excitement over the new project. To keep it exciting, even for his assistant, Tony's been good enough to leak a few lies to the kid as well.

Today is Tony Stark's 34th birthday, however, and he's giving himself a great big building.

Invitations have been sent to all of Gotham's well-to-do, as well as all of Tony's personal friends to attend a private party inside the tower on the evening of February first. Dib was given as many invites as he requested to disperse as he saw fit. The press were given word of the tower's unveiling and grand opening. At noon, they were all gathered with cameras and microphones outside the tower. Crowds of regular civilians gathered outside the barricades to get a live view themselves. Tony showed up thirty minutes late. After giving an inspiring speech on the merits and potential of Gotham City, his new found respect for the people and their indomitable spirit, and how this skyscraper was not for himself, but for them... no one seemed to remember or mind much that he was tardy. He had champagne passed out to the crowd and all of the camouflaging facade was dropped from the tower, revealing a silvery, mirrored mammoth of a building. The tower would be the hub of Tony's operations in Gotham. It would serve as offices as well as a tremendous R&D laboratory for alternative energy sources, advances in energy storage and transference, as well as medical technology and artificial organ and limb research. A corporation which once hurt people and the planet, would now be looking to make up for damages done.

With questions answered and the crowd pleased, Tony disappeared to prepare for the evening's more private party. Despite the substantial time between, he's still late to that too.

The top three floors of the building are all Tony's and just Tony's. Exterior walls are completely made of windows. Everything inside is clean, sharp, ultra modern design made of hard lines and organic curves. The lowest level of the three is all open for the party. In the center of the floor, there's a large arc reactor. Not nearly as big as the one at his California plant, glowing, and silent, and powering the whole tower. Its location is a testament to Tony's trust in its safety. Its also --with its little explanatory plaque-- it's a hell of a conversation piece, along with the magazine covers on the walls chronicling Stark Industries accomplishments since Tony's grandfather's days. A variety of foods are brought by on platters circling the room, champagne available at every corner, and an open bar serving anything you could ask for.

Once the guests have all arrived and settled into mingling, Tony finally comes down the spiral stairs in his crisp, pressed tux. The music quiets on an unspoken cue (a programmed one) and the catering staff halt for a moment in their circulation through the crowd.
"Who let all of you people into my house?"
Pause for laughter. Proceed down the stairs. Extend one hand for the highball a waiter has awaiting him at the base of the steps.

Simon can't have nice things.

The decision to take Garoux off his meds, even for a controlled experiment, met with some raised eyebrows among the board. But, it had the approval of two of the asylum's doctors, and so it went forward. Not so the decision to stop feeding him. The court-filed papers to allow them to tube-feed him against his will left no such loopholes.

Simon deals with this withdrawal the way he has every other one: By sleeping as much as he's allowed. The only request he makes from Giles is that his cell's lights be left off, and he's granted that. So it's a quiet week from him, save the whispered conversations with his perpetual hallucinations.

The staff who come to collect him for his feeding on Wednesday followed the usual protocol. Two orderlies, two guards, enough to ensure he doesn't make an escape attempt. But Simon's not trying to escape when he bites into Orderly Warren Monday's hand, suddenly lunging for him, wrapping bodily around him and going for the throat. His teeth are already set deep in the notch between neck and shoulder when the guards reach him, jerking him off of Monday like a cat, a taser shoved against his ribs. "No!" He snarls at them, bloody mouthed and feral even as he collapses, and the taser jolt is followed quickly by two darts from the other orderly's gun.

Monday survives long enough for the paramedics to arrive, thanks in no small part to the asylum's recent mandatory emergency response courses. He'll probably make it. But that doesn't change the fact of the attack, or the probable cause.

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Eddie looks forward to his visits, from his doctor and his friends, both. It improves his mood for the day. He's not any less cooperative when he knows there's a visit coming, but he's certainly happier and more talkative. Getting him to be talkative again after the incident with Crane has been an ongoing process. Sometimes he's chatty and like himself, and sometimes he's off in his own little world. Most times, he's producing written material at a maddening pace - notebooks full of letters, codes, math problems, riddles and notes. It keeps him busy, and focused.

Maybe a little too focused. He doesn't like to leave his notebooks behind. It's the closest he gets to poor behavior, when he needs to leave his things in his cell... but a visit is a visit, so he's being good, sitting here with his hands in his lap, waiting for his cousin.
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Friday Night, Movie Night [open]

John and Allison recently did inventory. Not that they ever don't do inventory, but it's been some months now since they took over Oubliette Video so they have a good idea of what does and doesn't rent.

And what doesn't rent? Is getting sold. For somewhere between $1 and $5, depending on how long it's been in the stores.

Overdrawn at the Memory Bank. Death Bed: The Bed that Eats. Orlando. Martin. The Queen of the Damned. Velvet Goldmine. Zapped!. Hot Fuzz. Elizabeth: The Golden Age. Last Tango in Paris. Wolves of Wall Street. Gigli. The Wicker Man. Somewhere in Time, The Last Sin Eater, XXY, The Devil & Max Devlin, The Jazz Singer (remake), Dancing at the Blue Ignana. Modern Vampires, Solarbabies, Goya's Ghosts, Outsourced, Sleuth (remake). Troll 2. Ernest Goes to [insert location here]. Embrace of the Vampire. Zardoz All in a bin. All on sale.

Have fun guys.

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[22:36] edsidlemirth: Eddie is sitting in the visiting room, clutching a stack of notebook paper worthy of a sizeable zine issue, and full of about as many odd doodles. He is somewhat more sheepish in demeanor than he could be, but he is happy.
[22:49] i_own_this: Bruce has been busier than usual, since the New Year -- he has someone to train and teach, now, and responsibilities there, in addition to his other duties. So... he hasn't visited as much as he might have, sure. But he's here now, and that makes up for it, right? Yeah? Collapse )